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Novel Products

Engineering a Better Approach to Drug Discovery and Development

Momenta was originally founded to develop novel drugs, and this is the key long term vision for us today. The goal for our novel drug program is to identify novel targets, novel combinations of therapies, and possibly exploit the multi-targeting nature of complex mixture molecules to develop novel products which may positively modulate multiple pathways in a disease.

The majority of human diseases result from the interaction of a complex web of biologic systems. We believe that applying our complex systems analysis platform may enable new insights into the complex biology underlying diseases. This enhanced understanding should help us establish the relative role of different biological targets and related cell-to-cell signaling pathways in contributing to the disease process.

We also believe applying our approach to the discovery and development of novel drugs can enhance our probability of success in a number of ways.

  • First, we use computer algorithms to analyze related sets of biologic data to provide deeper insight into the complexities inherent in human biology. By embracing this complexity early in the discovery process, our goal is to better select targets, or sets of targets, that can potentially yield important clinical benefit and a higher probability of success in clinical trials.
  • Next, as our drug candidates progress into development, we use our technology platform in preclinical studies or early in the clinical trials cycle to capture and better understand the activity of the drugs with a goal of improving success through better selection of indications and/or dosing regimens.

We are using this approach in our research efforts to exploit the sialylation of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) to develop M254 and our novel recombinant drug programs M230 and nipocalimab (M281) in rare immune-mediated diseases.

Last Updated 7/31/2019