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Enoxaparin Sodium Injection

Enoxaparin Sodium Injection is a generic version of LOVENOX® (enoxaparin sodium injection), a low-molecular-weight heparin product widely used for the prevention and treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Enoxaparin is a heterogeneous mixture of complex polysaccharide chains. The length and sequence of the polysaccharide chains that comprise enoxaparin vary in length and form, resulting in a diverse mixture of chemical structures and making it difficult to decipher. Our technology and analytical approach allowed us to characterize LOVENOX and successfully develop the first FDA approved generic version, which was approved in July 2010. To learn more about the development of generic LOVENOX read our case study.


LOVENOX® is a registered trademark of Sanofi-Aventis.

Last Updated 1/4/2016